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"A thoroughly enjoyable and entertaining evening, that provoked lots to think about."

word spun nights

Word Spun Nights are all about bringing people together through a beautiful blend of acoustic music and performance storytelling. Three performers will weave together a brilliant night of entertainment.

A brilliant evening of spontaneous, unscripted stories shaped by you. Sometimes hilarious, sometimes moving, but always thoroughly entertaining. Impro Tales is a night when the ‘once upon a time’ is in the hands of the audience.

the words improv tales nights in white on a pale blue background with a stickman holding words

"I haven't laughed so much for a long time!."

a white teapot with the word tea pouring into a white cup with the word tales on a blue background

Settle down with a hot beverage and enjoy a large slice of story. From folk and wonder tales to myth and legends, two storytellers will fill up your imagination as they serve up tales from around the world.

"A lovely way to spend an afternoon."

Shows in Development for 2022

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Red Chairs

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To find out more about the pop up events or shows we can bring to your venue or event, please email for full details.

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